On Saturday, 4th of May, Pueblo Criminal was invited to rock the Albulatorium flats of Sigi and friends. What another great expierence and a fucked up party! The day after, we went to wonderful Lucerne and played directly at the lake in front of a beautiful mountain backdrop. It was cold, but as we entered the huge legendary pavilion stage, it was getting hotter and hotter!

The crowd, the bands and all the staff were absolutely marvelous and we love everyone of you, dirty bastards! Especially we´d like to thank Clara and her friends, who came the long way from Basel to see Pueblo on stage again. You´re just great! See you soon!!!

And don´t forget: Empören war gestern, Widerstand ist heute!!!

6 (2) Pueblo plays to KISS and cuddle! 17 (3) People from Basel know how to rock in Lucerne! We love you!!! More pics of "Whateverman Albulafest" More pics of "Empören war gestern, Widerstand ist heute"