We are in good company! It happened to the Beatles, it happened to Elvis – now it's time for Pueblo Criminal: some people who are talking about love, altruism and charity (e.g. the catholic youth church from Zurich) are trying to censor free music and the power of youth! The gig on the 8th of July has been canceled. After a concert ofsome cool punk band at Jenseits in Zurich last Saturday our contact in the staff got bashed and our show is not welcomed anymore. Sounds very christian, doesn't it? While Pueblo Criminal was on stage and rocking against racism in Wetzikon the theologian who is in authority at Jenseits im Viadukt decided somewhere that Pueblo Criminal is not what they want (without knowing Pueblo Criminal).

The next scheduled date at Jenseits is tonight, it is called: "Youth mass". What's the theme? Good lord, you guessed it: "Rockige Musik, geistiger Input, Zeit der Stille" (= rocky music, spiritual input, time of silence). They want to be cool (they even write about "cool worship", is it meant to be cool?), but they are NOT. We are. Open minded people win. Others lose.