Tuesday, on the 7th of February, Pueblo Criminal defends their victory of the last years 4th Band-Cover-Contest at the Mascotte club in Zurich. It´s defently not important to win but to have a great party there! Together with The Clowns, Henchman, Second Function, Stalinorgel, In Love Your Mother, The Danglerz, Electronical Suicide, The Lazy Bones, Schoedo, Girls On Girls and of course Karaoke From Hell, we will rock the fucking best, most authentic and funniest contest in Switzerland!

If you want to party at Mascotte, send an email with the keyword "mascotte" and your last and first name to booking@pueblocriminal.ch. Be sure to be there between 8 and 9 PM. Afterwards, the guest list will be cancelled. We have twenty-five free tickets to give away!

Rock on!!!