The sold out Heitere Open Air 2011 god damn rocked! 2.30 PM, the crowd at the forest stage was ready to celebrate this great sunny day with Pueblo Criminal at an extraordinary sympathic festival. All bands were treated equally, no matter if they are already big guns as Amy Macdonald, Cypress Hill and The Hives or not (Howlin' Pelle Almqvist, we hope you get well soon, that was defently rock 'n' roll!) . The whole staff was very friendly, helpful and of course professional!

A special thanks goes to our stage hands, the audio engineer, to Sarah and Andy of Pleasure Productions and, needless to say, to you, the fucking great audience! Keep on rocking!!!

24 (2) Fucking cool stage, but if we had fear of heights... 84 (2) Just a great crowd!!! 14 (2) All in love!

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